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Why Video Poker?

Perhaps the most exemplary of all casino games, in regard to Vegas Hero’s mantra – that there’s a hero in all of us – video poker is a game of skill that, if played properly, will bend the rules of the gambling universe in your favour. If you’re looking to test your skills in a game with a low house edge and to take advantage of the possibility for big wins, then look no further!

Video Poker burst onto the scene in the mid-70s, and has grown to become one of the most popular games both online and in land based casinos. The rules are simple. Upon placing your bet you’ll be dealt 5 cards. Your goal is to create a winning hand by either holding or discarding cards until you’re happy with your combination. While many other casino games come with a house edge, Video Poker is the exception to that rule. This is the one game that, if played well, will in fact leave you with a very thin advantage. An integral part of what makes a video poker strategy good is how it takes advantage of the incentives any given pay table might provide - such as ‘free play’ and ‘cash back’. These incentives, though simple, can go a long way to tipping things in your favour.

How to play Video Poker

If you are charged with basic video poker power skills, then you will find playing video poker online to be as simple as flying.

When you take off the hero himself will deal you with 5 cards after you have placed your bet, and you choose which card you want to hold and which one to throw away into the magnetic field. If you are satisfied with what’s showing on the screen, then you press the hold 

button and these cards will stay and the rest replaced with 5 new cards. How much winnings the universe is rewarding you with depends on the paytable showing on the video poker machine.


There are a lot of winning combinations when you play video poker online. To view them in the video poker machine you are playing, simply click in the “i” button. The hero really enjoys throwing these winnings towards you, so therefore it would be a good idea to grab them whilst you can!


Before playing video poker, have a look at what a winning combination is:


One pair

A hand containing two cards of the same rank


Two Pair

Basically two ‘one pairs’, A hand containing two pairs of cards of the same numerical rank.


Three-of-a-kind [to] Five-of-a-kind

Hands containing three to five cards of the same numerical rank



A hand containing 5 cards of the same suit



A hand containing 5 cards of ascending or descending numerical rank (the suits don’t have to match).


Straight Flush

Same as a straight, only this time your suits do have to match


Royal Flush

A straight flush with an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10.


Full House

A hand containing ‘three-of-a-kind’ and a ‘one pair’


The most commonly dealt winning hand is a pair of high cards - which are the face cards Ace, King Queen and Jack. If you’re not dealt these cards, always look for and hold on a low pair, for you’ll have ample opportunity to convert them to a three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind or a full house. However, if you’re dealt 3 or 4 cards that are of the same suit or part of a royal flush, hold them instead. Holding a low pair will always serve you well, over holding 1 or 2 high cards (whether or not they’re suited), for not only is a low pair a winning hand, you’re still in for an opportunity to upconvert that hand. Look for a game with the highest ‘Return To Player’ (RTP). These are, typically, ‘9,6’ or ‘Jacks or Better’ games.

How to win at Video Poker

Take up a fight against the other heroes and beat them with your own superpowers. You can unlock the video poker winnings by using your own video poker strategy without anyone trying to find out the secret behind your powers, because those are very important to keep for yourself.

The hero has a few video poker tips to create a winning combination. This first includes finding a video poker machine that offer the best odds. We can reveal that these machines are called 9/6 machines – they have a payout of nine times your wager and the flush payout is six times. When you are using your best inner powers in these video poker machines, then the odds are more on your side compared to other games. And that is what we call a super awesome thing!

Every superhero has the perfect video poker strategy, and so should you. Boost it up by taking advantage of strategy tables that will work as your personally guide. Hide your strategy under your shining cape and bring it with your wherever you are heading, but make sure you don’t drop it as you fly up in the sky.

Game Variants

Vegas Hero will fly you straight into his vast collection of video poker games, so you can practice your skills, either with real money or in fun mode. Simply go to the menu and enter the “games” section and the category “Video poker” will be visible. As soon as you enter this category all the forceful video poker machines will make your screen light up and shake at the same time because of the strong powers heading towards your way.

You can choose between a vast variety of video poker machines such as Jackpot Poker in which you can use your video poker strategy to bring home the progressive jackpot, or Joker Wild Double Up, Deuces Wild Double Up and a lot more.

Practice Makes Perfect

As a hero it is very important that you do not make any mistakes as every right decision counts. For every right decision the lower the house advantage becomes and therefore your chances to gain extra superpowers increase. To help you along the way you get a massive welcome bonus on your first deposit.

Play video poker at Vegas Hero casino and collect as many superpowers you can, the more you have the stronger hero you become!



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